Monday, August 2, 2010

Still working on it!!

I'm still in the process of working on my sons 'nursery'
Here is an update!~

This has really tested all of my skills.
This has also been the most extensive sewing project i have ever done.
before this I had only made 2 patchwork blankets..

I received this bed when it was a used, plain ole' brown crib.
I sanded it down and then  primered it.
Spray painted it black and varnished it
Here it is put together

We then chose the color scheme
Lime green, black and white

I started by making a dust ruffle
here's how i put on the trim
I attached it with Velcro
I used e6000 to glue Velcro strips to the crib
sewing Velcro to the 'ruffle'
and now it is easily attached and removed.
(no falling off on its own when i change the sheets)
i can even easily change the style when needed

I then sewed sheets
This was my real sewing test.
I was SO proud of myself when i completed these
To date, i have made a checkered sheet and a blue/green polka dot sheet
you cant really see the tiny polka dots

I also 'fixed' the mobile
it was too cheesy and traditional
I painted the arm and the bears black
Then decorated the bears
Here is 'Carnival'
(cant seem to get a good pic)
(mom says I'm gonna give the kid nightmares)
and Rocker
(my favorite)
There is also a music note in the middle
I'm thinking about 'editing' it a bit..
He Loves it though!!
(this pic is before i painted it, the video is after)

Next was to work on the Bumper
I didn't want a traditional bumper.
I never really saw them as effective.
 I used past experiences as a learning experience
and created a version of the wonder bumpers
i never had a problem with my children hitting their heads,
but they have gotten limbs stuck between the slats.
i am hoping to prevent future issues with these
I used pipe insulation to create my bumpers
and covered all of the slats
and as of tonight i have been able to start covering them.
this is a continuing work in progress
i found a fabric that works with my theme.
(pic doesn't to it justice)
I cut a piece an inch longer than my piping and 2 inches wider
here is what they look like wrapped
as i said before, it is still a work in progress
the pattern will be blue,  white, black, blue...

I also made him a new pillow tonight.
i found some super cute fabric
laid the images out how i wanted them
and appliqued them (part sewing / part heat n bond)
stuffed it
and voila  a super cute pillow for a boys room
( or any space explorer in your life)
I also sewed him Bro-bot!!
he has a few lanterns above his bed
Lime green of course
and robots above his book sling
(In fabrication )

Here is his room, after all is said and done
(well not quite done, but you know what i mean)

If you have made it to this point, i have to thank you for bearing with me
it has been alot of work
( and it is currently 1am and i am exhausted, so sorry for all the run on sentences and all that)
i just wanted to get this up while it was still fresh in my mind
Thank you and have a wonderful night

I am entering this in the CSI Challenge
Fabric ans Sewing

The Guest judges this week are

The  prize is a $40 gift certificate to


Josalyn said...

I love your ideas!! I too lament over what to do for a bumper. That insulation is such a fantastic idea. And I love the velcro on the dust ruffle.

Restorative Living said...

Velcro was a great idea! Those crib skirts can be a pain!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

The mobile rocks! Love the bears.

Love how your brain thinks!

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