Sunday, August 1, 2010

a box of junk...or is it?!

I made a trip to my moms the other day
and came home with a box of goodies!!
I know to the most people this may look like a box of junk
But what i see is a box of potential

This box included in it....
a small shelf which will be painted and used..somewhere

a day planner, without the planner part
no plans for this yet (wakka wakka)

a small MP3 player which
I'm thinking about giving to the kiddo
and loading it with her favorite songs
(Big time rush, fresh beats band, etc)

A large empty aluminum foil box with roll

A broken Hula hoop
(cant wait to show you what i do with this)

Insulin Insulation
(try saying that 5 times fast)
My mom is a nurse and this is what they use when shipping the insulin to her office
she said she saw these and thought of me..
 i love my mommy
The second i pulled these out the kittens had to investigate
I'm planning on using these when i reupholster my poor beat up rocking chair...

i also made a trip to Dollar general
compact mirror $1
Cat food 5-$2
and some gift cards ( not loaded)

i was going to buy these at the dollar store but at the time
 the credit card machines were down
i paid a $1.50 for two small throw away pans
i used them for
a litter box for my kittens
were only going to have the kittens for a few more weeks
Their almost six weeks old so were gonna find them a home. 
so i cant justify spending $3 on a litter box ill never use again.
(mama kitty goes potty outside)
Whats even better is the kittens are using it on their own.
i haven't had a single 'accident' in my floors since i got it
( i also go the baby gate from my mom)

back to the subject..
I made a trip to the dollar store yesterday and got
i have plans for all!!
Stay tuned and you can see what i do with all I've got!!

Thanks for looking and Have a crafty day!!

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