Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New kid on the Blocks

 While at a yard sale
(over a year ago)
i found a set of nice wooden blocks for $1
i recently decided i wanted to paint them
but couldn't figure out what color.
i ended up painting them black and white...
but i did a bad and sloppy job.
my hubby had the idea of making it look purposeful.
there fore these were born!
i started by placing the blocks all together on a piece of newspaper
i then chose my paints
i watered them down a bit so it would sling better
then start slinging paint
i used metallic blue, red, and green, and also a lime green
after painting one side i stood them up to dry
Turn them over
and sling the other side
let them dry..
i wish i had painted all of the larger sides white.
the paint shows much better on the white..
 but over all they turned out OK.
my husband loves them..
and my daughter is really enjoying playing with them

while painting the blocks i made a splatter canvas.
this technique is SOOOOO much fun!!
almost left it alone with the red..
all of the colors

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