Saturday, March 27, 2010

crib skirt trim tutorial update

I thought id make a better 'tutorial' ( or atleast to the best of my ability to explain..lmao) on how i cheated at making the trim on my dust ruffle. after measuring out the fabric i made a small seam.. then decided how thick i wanted my trim. it was easy to get it straight with this fabric beacause of the lines. my trim was an inch wide.
after determining where the line was i added the lightweight bond strip( you can use heavy if you want.... im sewing over mine so didnt need heavyweight bonding)
i made sure it was even along the line i wanted
i then laid the black fabric upside down against the bonding and ironed it...
i then flipped the fabric over and ironed down the crease... i now have a straight border!!!
i flipped everything over to the back of my project.. then trimmed my fabric
i then placed on more bonding tape..and started folding over and ironing ..
voila!! a straight and nice and even trim!!!!

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