Thursday, August 12, 2010

Headband display on a dime

 After creating so many Headbands
I needed a way to
contain them...

while surfing the net i came across this super cool idea
Its created from an oatmeal container and paper towel or toilet paper rolls!!

i started with my  oatmeal canister
but it wasn't wide enough
so i used some batting from my stash to thicken it
I covered it with some pretty fabric from my stash
i used my hot glue gun to attach it all together
i trimmed the sides and folded it over
 and hot glued it down
( i have yet to add a decoration to the end to hide the raw edges)
next i added the legs

i used cardboard rolls from tulle from the dollar store
they are thicker and stronger
i cut one in half and cut a piece of fabric to size
I made a hem with hot glue
I rolled it and glued it...
tucked in the ends
i used foam on the bottom
i then glued the legs to the canister.
when i stood it up it was a bit wobbly
i decided to make a base
i used some old coaster/ candle bases from the dollar store
i bought these a while back and ran them trough the dishwasher..
not a good ideas. the design washed off
( i still need to clean these the rest of the way and paint underneath)

The end result!!
i chose the glass so the base wont be damaged from water
( my daughter likes to play in the sink and spread water around)
( i still need to add a 'pretty' to the end)
I'm not completely satisfied with it, but I'm sure ill work on it a bit more...
works awesomely overall...
just not long enough to hold all of her headbands!!

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