Thursday, August 12, 2010


My daughter loves to wear headbands.
Shes been using mine
so i created her some of her own...

I bought a pack of headbands from the dollar store (6/$1)
(one was broken when i opened it)

Bought a Gift wrap 'bow' from the dollar store
Its a BIG POOF, but it Totally fits her personality

I added some pretty ribbon flowers
found in the wedding section at the dollar store
Very Chic and pretty

I used an flower i had in my stash
and curled some pretty balloon ribbon

I found a broken lei
used a plastic bead from my stash
super glued the petals around the bead
7 petals per flower
opened it up a bit so i could see the bead
super glued to headband
a tropical looking headband!!

Wanna know what this is made from??


give a kid a cupcake
One blue tongue later..
and you get some awesome craft items

i created the headband and also a few clippies
I clipped of the bottom
and glued it to a clippie

Super fun hairbands for a girl with a fun personality
(on a budget)

Total :
$1 for 5 hairbands
$1 for 2 gift toppers
$1 for 8 ribbon flowers
everything else was free or had on hand

less than $3 for a bunch of totally personalized headbands!!

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