Monday, August 30, 2010

Boxed up

My local dollar store is currently carrying
craft jewelry boxes.
their just plain wood
and fun for decorating.

i made one earlier
for my daughters bangles

i decided to make one for my son
i found these comics at the dollar store a few months back
these actually came with a classic X-men comic
and a cool Turoc comic
so using the 'Troll Lords' cheesy comics i decorated my box
i started by finding cool images i liked.
i then tore out the images and decoupaged them to the box
( gotta love mod podge!!
 Its almost a Verb on its own...
 Im Mod Podging!!lol)
here is my final product after decoupaging
when adding the image on the sides and back
 i covered the whole thing then after dry
 i used an exacto knife to cut open.
 i suggest doing one side at a time
I like the way the images blend together
after i finished decoupaging my images on i decided i  wanted to add a little color.
i still wanted it to look like a classic comic book so i used watered down food coloring to paint a few areas.
i wasn't concerned if the color spread.
my hubby loves the way it turned out..
I really like the way this turned out myself...
 i really want to make more of these with other images
It currently houses Lil mans binkies
their always being misplaced
 so now anytime i find a binky
 its put in the box
now i know where to find one when i need one!!

On a Sidenote...
 Ive entered this project into
The CSI Project challenge
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