Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Works in progress

I'm in progress with alot of projects
My current projects include:

Bangle box
my local dollar store is carrying little wooden boxes
i turned on into a bangle box for my daughter
I started out with a simple wooden box and painted it gold
( I'm loving my gold paint right now)
I found an old dresser pull piece that went to an old night stand we refurbished
I painted it gold and rubbed black over it to make the edges stand out
i then attached it to the box and used an old button to fill in the center
next i added a small plastic mirror inside the lid
This is still a WIP but its coming along nicely...

Waldorf doll
I'm trying to make a Waldorf doll from items i had on hand
*children's stockings
*needle and Thread
i started by cutting the end off one leg of the stockings
made a ball with some cotton
and stuffed it into the foot of the stocking
and tied it off
next i sewed through the ball where the ears would be
then back around the front to create the eye line
and tied it off
I then cut another piece of stocking and cut it open to form a square piece
i wrapped this around the head and tied it off
I then added eyes and a mouth
I am currently in progress of adding yarn hair
I'm a bit apprehensive about making a body,
but I'm sure ill figure it out
this is my first doll making experience

While cleaning my daughters room
(we pair down her toys and donate a bunch ever 6 months)
I found this poor barbie
her hair was Wild! and her head had fallen off
I decided to try and fix her and
make her a bollywood barbie.
I started by fixing her hair.
i comed it by sections and even used leave in conditioner to smooth it out

the end result is OK. i still need to fix her head onto her neck,
and make her clothes.

I'm working on alot of projects, but really enjoying myself

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