Monday, March 22, 2010

Catching Up

Its been quite a while since ive posted.theres been alot going on...

im currently now in my ninth month of pregnancy ( 3-4 weeks left) and im bigger than ever. my energy varies soo often. its been beautiful lately. im very productive when the sun is out and recharging my batteries. im a california girl so ive gotta have my sunshine!! lol. anyways, theres alot to catch up on, so ill try and make it as thorough yet quick as possible..
Im currently in the process of restoring a crib that was given to me. i forgot to take a before picture....
It took me about 2-3 days to sand and fully primer the crib..
Heres the crib basically finished. ive still got to 'shellac' it. i asked the sales person at lowes what was best and he said since its possible the baby may chew on it shellac would be best since it is non toxic and hypoallergenic ( its meant to be used on wooden toys..etc)
my husband picked out the color theme that he wanted for the baby. were gunna have a lil rocker boy so we went with black and lime green!! there is only one fabric store anywhere near where i live( horrible!!) .when i lived in california our walmart sold fabric and i used to shop it like crazy( especially the dollar a yard fabric). our walmart has almost completly phased out all craft supplies. the next closest craft store is michaels and they dont sell fabric...sad. anyways back to the point. one expensive fabric store so i have to make glad i found some awesome fabric to make the crib set out of. Im hoping to make bumpers similar to the new 'Wonder Bumpers'.
when i had my daughter the bumper wasnt of much use, and as she got older and i took out the bumper, she would get her legs stuck in the slats. i saw these and thought they would be wonderful to try.. except im not willing to pay the $100+ pricetag...
My though was to create my own by using pipe insulating foam and covering them with fabric... the price will be less than half of that of the designer ones.. and i can make them to match my theme!!


Heather - said...

What if you tried pool noodles? they have a hole in them already - and you can get them at the dollar tree (in green & purple?)

Crafty Mommy said...

Pool noodles is a great idea!!! and even cheaper!! i hope my local dollar store starts carrying them soon!! THANKS!!!

Nanci said...

It is currently April and by now you have most likely solved the "noodle" issue. I work for Dollar Tree in Bradenton Florida and our store is now carrying the noodles.
Have any questions about Dollar Tree, just ask. Sometimes I do have an inside line on what is going to hit the floors and when. Wishing you well!! Nanci

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