Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Progress update!!!

The Crib is finally complete!!!! Im so excited to have it done and put together!! It took a while to get done because the weather kept changing on me ( cold, windy etc) but it is finally complete and it looks great!!!

The colors are Lime green, white and black.. they look amazing with the black crib.. now all thats left is to make the crib set.... sheet, duster, blanket and bumpers.... the sheet will be the hardest... i know ill get it done before he ever sleeps in the crib though. ill be breastfeeding and cosleeping and/or bassinet so itll be a few months before he actually sleeps in his crib in another room. itll give me a bit of a chance.. im just worried about running out of the polka dot fabric because i bought all they had!! lol... if anyone has any insight on making crib bedding id really appreciate any creative imput!! And again...YAY!!!!!

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