Monday, July 12, 2010


 'Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.'

we try to do what we can to live a green life. we use reusable grocery bags, and we recycle.
We even had our son on Earth day!!!
And I love to upcycle.
Some of the products I've used are...

Ive made earrings from cans
I'm currently in progress making 'chainmail' from soda pop tabs
I even turned Pringles cans into a rainstick
Plastic Bottles
I found and idea for a jewelry display from a plastic bottle from this site...
I recreated my own from a 2liter diet coke bottle( i love my diet coke)
I use it to display my upcycled can earrings
EGG Shells!!
I made candles from egg shells
turned an old unworn tee shirt into art for my daughters room
I turned old zippers into roses
Ive even upcycled an Aluminum foil holder!!
i used this empty aluminum fol box to organize my vast array of ribbons!
I started out by taping one end of the ribbon to the tube
Wrap the ribbon around the tube
Insert the tube back into the box
Voila! nice and neat ( and compact) ribbon organizer
now you can unroll you ribbon when you need it.
Decorate the box as you desire ( I'm planning on covering with scrapbook paper)
I'm even adding Velcro tabs to keep the lid closed
 i just realized..with all of the crafting supplies i own, and the many different glues (e6000, tacky, super glue, hot glue) i don't own a single tube of Elmer's glue of a glue stick. the simplest of items and i done have it..lmao how can i call myself a crafter!!

The are more upcycling projects on the way...


That's Sweet! said...

I am constantly thinking of how I can make use of things that get thrown away. I love your idea on the foil box. Very creative with that one!!!

Unknown said...

Its very interesting to see your own creation mastered by someone else. Bravo on your poptab chainmail. It looks like magic put it together

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How did you make your earrings? Id worry about the can being sharp. GREAT IDEAS BTW!

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