Thursday, September 9, 2010

The cleanest smores you'll ever eat~~!!

No matter your age,
Smores are the best!!
It reminds me of camping with the grandparents
reminds me of the carelessness of childhood.

nothing beats a fire roasted marshmallow and the messiness of a fresh smores out in the wild...
but how can you have the same yummy taste at home?
with smores in a stick!!

Large Marshmallows
Candy coating chocolate
Bamboo skewers
My bamboo skewers were very long
so i cut them in half
Graham cracker crumbs
( i actually found them already

Step One: 
skewer two marshmallows

Step Two:
 melt your chocolate
I used 2 of the large blocks
it covered 10 sticks

Step Three:
 cover your marshmallows with chocolate

Step Four: Roll your marshmallows in the graham cracker crumbs, coating evenly
(sorry bout the bad pics)

Step Five: Prop up or lay down and allow to set.
It sets quicker if put in fridge
I used a collinder to prop mine up
then after a few minutes i layed them down on a pan and put in fridge

They turned out deliciously and actually taste like a smore, but without the mess!!!

you can even get your kids involved !
my three year old daughter helped me make these.

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