Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ive been in the process of cleaning and reorganizing my home.
That includes my crafts supplies. I'm trying to stash bust.
I had some hemp twine my husband bought a while ago( planning on making a macrame/ hemp necklace). That never happened so the twine was just sitting around waiting to be used.
My bathroom is currently African themed
 I've been wanting to 'spruce'  up the plain ole shower curtain.
 I decided to decorate the shower curtain rings! they were a plain ole clear and very boring. 
I started wrapping the twine around the rings (using hot glue to keep it in place)
*(grungy nails, i i said I've been working alot lately)
I added a few of my wood beads for accents..
and voila! some cool looking African inspired curtain rings.
 i like the way they turned out..only had enough to cover 4 so I've gotta go buy more twine...

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