Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Planning and To do:

I have Plans for so many projects, and so  many things that need to be made and finished
(i will post pictures of the projects as they are worked on and finished)

Finish crocheting Zach's blanket
Applique and paint onesies (need fabric paint)
family crest onesie
Finish the men's dress shirt to girls shirt refashion
Finish hemming dress made from men's dress shirt
Crib- need to 'fabricate' my crib bumpers
(if only i can find some awesome fabric for a low budget income)
Finish Liam's blanket ( name and backing)
Finish painting Suri's bed
Applique towels and shower curtain
Paint and finish beaded 'lantern' for Suris room

Crochet niece a black and bubble gum beanie
Make curtains for kiddos room
Make more Sheets (crib and twin bed)
Upcycle aluminum can jewelry
Make more Bro-Bots
2 commissioned Zipper roses

No doubt there are even more things to i couldn't think of at the moment... its gonna be a busy week...and a busy month at that!

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