Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm still learning how to sew and this is only the 2nd piece of clothing I've made.
I refashioned a pair of my daughters jeans into a skirt.
The jeans still fit around the waist but were starting to become high waters
i even got the jeans at goodwill for $2!
I've had this fabric for over 3 years now. i knew when i bought it that it was going to be a skirt.
I used this tutorial as an outline of what to do
I cut the legs of the jeans about 1 inch under the zipper
 Cut a 7 inch wide stretch of fabric ( i used the whole length of my fabric so I'd only have one seam)
i created pleats instead of ruffling
i folded each pleat as went and sewed it down. it was pretty easy since my fabric had a patterns and lines i could use for reference.
i still need to hem the bottom but it turned out cute.
ill post pics of the kiddo wearing it later( shes was sleeping as i made it)


Tiered Tray
I created a tiered tray from dollar store items.
 inspired by these  sites
Used a pizza pan, a serving tray, a pie pan and 2 candle sticks
glued together using e6000
still needs 'legs' and will be painted

Zen garden
I bought my husband a zen garden from the dollar store a while back.
we both enjoyed it but it just wasn't large enough.
i used this tutorial to create a shadow box and instead just made a larger garden box
used 3 8x10 award framed from the dollar store.
Filled with a jar of white sand from the dollar store. planning on getting more sand when it is restocked.
Even the soapstone frog is from the dollar store
Be sure, if you attempt this project, you don't rush it. take your time and make sure all of your edges are sealed so that you don't have a sand leak. mine does a
i used e6000 to glue the frames together and used hot glue to seal the edges inside and glue the glass to the frame and painted the frames black
Turned out pretty good and my husband liked it. i plan on re-attempting this eventually
( this time i wont rush the project)
I should heed the wisdom and peace of Buddha...
I love my Buddha!

PS I'm even re-purposing the old zen box!
first i need to learn how to cut glass!
but that's another post all-together

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Unknown said...

To be very frank I never got any such impression that it was a skirt made from any jeans.But later when i saw your pics stating how you converted a jeans into a skirt i was a bit surprised.Your work was commendable.

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