Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Treasure Chest Post 1

I'm creating a 'Gamers survival kit' for my husbands birthday
it will all be stored in a treasure chest
I'm creating the 'chest' out of a stiff foam poster board from the dollar store.
this has only cost me $3 so far
i bought 3 boards to create this.
i did a search on different treasure chests
this is what i am going to try and model mine after

I started by creating a box for the bottom
i then measured the dimensions and made a top.
( the top is unfinished in the pics, i closed the ends tonight but forgot to take pics. )
With the top on
I need to decorate it and also add a hinge
More to come!!...
Look at what i found at the dollar store!!
Warcraft cards for the hubby.
they will be part of his gift.
(i collect yu-gi-oh cards too...i love the artwork!!)
More posts to come as i finish the projects..

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