Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Know someone who loves WOW ( for those of you who are wondering..World Of Warcraft).
Have you been wondering what to gift them??
Make them some awesome Faction souvenirs!!!
My Husband is all for the Horde!
My husbands birthday is coming up and I recently had an idea to make him a gamer survivor kit.
The Kit will come in a 'treasure chest' and will include in it...
Mana and health 'potions'
An 'aged' map of Azaroth
A hearthstone
a horde key chain
warcraft cards
a horde pillow
a Mohawk grenade
 a few etched glasses with both horde and alliance symbols
a shirt or two
and a horde symbol banner.
I am planning on giving this all to him for his birthday.
Ive got alot of work ahead of me!!

I was at walmart today and found notebooks for 15 cents and bought a few to draw the horde symbol on
Next i decided to try to make the banner
I bought a package of plain variety size dowels from walmart (97 cents)
i painted them black and  hot glued them in a cross
then wrapped a leather string i had in my stash around them
next i made the banner
i started out by making a paper template of the shape and size i want
i trace the shape onto some leftover red fabric i had and cut it out
i used some heat and bond  to stick to two pieces together leaving the top a bit open
before attaching the banner to the dowels i appliqued the horde symbol
to hang the banner i made little straps and placed them in the gap i left in the top
i wrapped them around the dowel before heat sealing it closed ( heat n bond does wonders!!)
Now my husband can show his colors!!
( i still need to make a little stand so it can stand on its own)

I also appliqued a sweater so when the Lil man gets old enough he can show his colors
i found a plain red sweater at walmart
Only $2
I traced the horde symbol onto the paper side of my heat n bond
i then ironed it onto some black fabric and cut out the shape
i fiddled with the placement a bit. couldn't decide where i liked it best.
Decided on the lower pocket. i ironed it on and it looks so cool
i plan on adding "for the horde" onto the back of the sweater!
i also want to make a few more of these.
especially one for the hubby...and heck why not one for me...
suri has a girlie one on the when its done

and there you have it...
3 gift ideas for the hordesman in your clan!!
If your on a budget :
$2 sweater
.15 cents notebook
$1 assorted sized dowels
$2.50 roll of no sew heat n bond
Total: less than $6!
everything was from walmart
(i had the fabric on hand)

(more posts in the future on the gamer survivor kit as it gets done)
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