Monday, July 26, 2010

Rock me!! part 1

I am currently making a guitar wall art for my sons room
i was inspired by this
(not this exact on though)
i found something similar at big lots and i loved it, but i wasn't willing to pay the $30 and up price tag
i decided to try and make one on the cheap
I'm not a woodworker and i don't even have the money or tools to try so i decided to make one with what i have on hand

My supplies so far include
foam core board from the dollar store
cardboard soda box (I'm a diet coke freak so we always have these in abundance)
toilet paper or paper towel rolls
and hot glue

i started by tracing my husbands guitar hero guitar onto the foam board
I then continued to cut 2 if the pieces
next cut the rolls into smaller circles
mine were i inch in the body and down to less than half inch in head
glue the pieces to one side of the guitar
Glue the top on next
start using the cardboard to line the guitar shape
i used  large pieces, ill trim it later
glue it a little bit at a time
trim as you go
i used small pieces at a time to make it easier
when going around 'arms' use even smaller pieces
this is my progress so far

Coming up:
making a bridge
covering and stringing

Final episode:
adding clock and lighting

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