Friday, July 30, 2010

Origami me

My husband has gotten me in the mood for origami.
i found  really cool looking flower, called a Kusudama, online and
 he learned how to make me one
( its huge!!)
but so pretty!!

anyways, while watching him make it, i realized it wasn't to hard and decided to try it myself

I started by cutting 6 pieces of 1x1 pieces of paper
( mines a mini version)
Fold one corner to the opposite corner to create a triangle
Next fold the left and right corners up to the top point
this will form a square
Fold that same point down
line up the inner crease to the outter part of your square
Next open up the flaps you just created and flatten them
next fold down the top corners
i tucked mine into the inside
Now fold the triangle flaps in half
do this with both sides
Next add a dab of glue
add where pencil is pointing
clip closed until the glue is dry
do not crease the outer part.
this forms one petal
Fold 4-5 more of these.
( amount of petals can vary depending of the fullness of the flower you want)

to connect all of the petals,
glue outer sides together in circle
hold until dry and
a  beautiful Kusudama
keep an eye out later to find out what i do with these

If my 'tutorial' didnt work for you, check out these other sites

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