Thursday, July 15, 2010

creating ingenuity

I've been thinking....
I like to explore the web and see others craft ideas and designs.
alot of these crafters have wonderful ideas but..
most of them tend to have more supplies and technology than i or alot of other people
they have cricuts, and sewing machines that basically embroider for you and almost limitless varieties of supplies and fabrics.
Id love to have even half of that..but...
I have what i need.
i have a basic sewing machine, paint brushes, crochet hooks and, my newest addition, a hot glue gun.
i think that crafting on a budget and with limited supplies creates much more ingenuity
you create things from scratch when you have unlimited supplies,
but when you are limited ,you create something from something else.
something you would have never used it as.
 for example creating pillow cases, and dresses, and aprons from simple dishtowels.
curtains from sheets and dresses from pillow cases
or even seat belt cushion/covers from potholders.
designing on a dime as my husband put it
i believe we 'dollar store crafters'  are much more ingenious because we create our own ingenuity...
( it makes sense to

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