Monday, March 29, 2010


I recently saw this image while skimming over martha stewarts craft page and i thought itd be neat to try and make the egg candles as easter decorations...
This morning while making breakfast i cracked open the tops of my eggs and saved the shell...

after cleaning out the shell i opened the top a bit more( very carefully) and placed a wick in the shell ( i already had the wicks)

I used some candles i already had.. you can light them and use the melted wax.. another way is to place the calndle in a small saucepot witha bit of water in it and heat it up until the wax is melted...

carefully pour the wax into the egg shell.. use a funnel if necessary..

prop up the wicks if necessary and allow the wax to cool..

once cool, display however you choose!!

you can even light them! the look awesome lit up! you can even see the crackle in the shell....!!!

Im planning on dying the shells when the family dyes eggs for easter... looking forward to seing them in different colors.. Happy easter!!!

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