Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Crafts

Being pregnant and expecting a baby is a inspirational and a good reason to be crafty...
Diaper Bag:
bought a simple diaper bag from kmart for $13 and punked it out with pins patches and studs... ( wasnt going to pay the huge pricetag for an already punked out bag..average price is $60 and up)
Baby Clothes:

* Found the gold applique letters at my local dollar store!!
** More to be posted soon....
Baby Blanket:
found this awesome fleece at my fabric store!! going to be adding his name in the red.. still in progress...


Cathie Filian said...

LOve it! So funny! cathie

Unknown said...

Baby items are so overpriced for how simple they actually are. Good for you for finding a way around that! Congrats on your new little one :)

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