Saturday, March 27, 2010

new artwork..

ive been trying to liven up my daughters room. her theme is to be bollywood/indian themed....ive been wanting to make some artwork for her walls.. here was my first attempt.. i cant quite decide if i like it.. might retry for a cleaner look or on different fabric..
i had some really plain frames that i decided to work with...
i painted them blue/green and purple...(i forgot to get
working with the smaller frame i took the cardboard back and covered it with black fabric..
I made a "stencil" with paper of the picture i wanted ( i suggest freezer paper or something more substantial than regular paper..
Frugal tip!!- egg crates work fantastic to hold paint!
i used pink paint and a painting sponge to cover the stencil...
after letting it dry a it i peeled off the stencil and reframed the pic.... i still cant quite decide if i like it... im thinking making it cleaner and maybe more lively fabric will make it look better... btu it was a fun first attempt!!

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