Friday, April 2, 2010


Looking forward to easter with the family... looking forward to seeing the kids excitement when she sees her eater baskets. crated these from dollarstore and walmart! theyre cute and a breeze to make.. fun too...

Supplies for both baskets:
Plastic eggs (x2)- 60 cents per bag from walmart
Shimmer grass-$1 dollar tree
All Candy (x4)- $1 dollar tree
lollipops (x4)- $1 from walmart
3 pack bubbles- $1 dollar store
Basket one(purple)
basket- $1 from big lots
2 pack kite, number cards- $1 from dollar store
Basket two( blue)
purse/basket- $1 dollar tree
purple ball, sticker book- $1 dollar tree
dora socks ( cheesy but she loves dora!) - $1 dollar tree
around $18... and personalized to the child.. exactly what shed love!!
not to bad in my opinion..
Ive been on a major crafting binge lately... been working on a lil bit of everythig.. close to finishing the crib stuff (just gotta get a few more supplies) been trying to find and work on ideas for my daughters bollywood/ india inspired room... and many other things... havent fully completed much yet, and have alot lined up to work on... i still need to recover my baby carrier, make a baby sling, gotta make seatbelt covers for the carseat, and for my daughters seatbelt, and soo much more.!!!
the one thing i have actually completed was a spring/ easter decoration. it originally started out as an idea for a wreath to hang on the door but turned out being a table decor...
all supplies are from the dollar store..
speckled plastic eggs-$1
moss (x2) - $1
silk magnolias- $1
i made a cardboard ring and then just glued everything in a way that looked good....

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