Sunday, January 31, 2010

A lil bit better...

Well... I havent posted in a few days.. ive been sick as a dog!! it really sux. especially since its been so beautiful outside. weve gotten over 3 inches of snow in the past 2 days. the roads have been too icy to really go anywhere but its nice to enjoy the pureness of the white snow. and luckily we live right next to walmart so we can just walk right over when we need something... over the past few days all ive really been doing is sleeping and crafting. over the past 3-4 days ive made 3 or 4 beanies, workin on my hubbies blanket and a few other things. ive appliqued a few onesies, etc. some more of my completed projects include...

A "reupholstered" headband for the kiddo

Applique added to my boys vest. hoping to touch it up a bit.( found the vest at goodwill for $1)

Felt applique onesie

my favorite: Father and son matching beanies...

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