Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Witches Magic

So here we are at the grand finale!
well, not quit.
Ive posted a few tutorials and ideas of decorations
Ive created for my witch's apothecary Halloween decor.
I thought now would be the time to finally show you my overall look!!

it started out small and has been growing as i add items.
this is my starting display:
I had the large jar with the snake, and my jagermeister potion bottles. I bought creepy cloth from the dollar store, and also had a cool bottle from goodwill.
my hubby already had the skull candle...
I found the cool jar at goodwill for $1 and the tube is from the dollar store
( it had cone incense in it)
and then my display grew.
I brought in my tier tray and put my crows and my glitter skulls on it
( i have future plans for the crows)
my pot and bones
i also found fake barb wire ( 0.50 at dollar store)
i strung up some faux webs and stuck a few bones in it.

i had an empty corner
but i found a creepy man eating spider at the dollar store
so here's my display. not too bad
I have a few changes i made, and still need to make.
I'm going to buy black posterboard from the dollar store and put up behind everything.
 i also have to replace my black light bulb which will make alot of it glow

i also created a good witch's table.
hers isn't very good at the moment but I'm slowly working on it.
It all started with a book i got back in High school and the oil burner i found at the dollar store
Its on a side table next to my couch
pink silk under lace curtain, overlaid with a hip scarf Ive had for years
my book broke so i place out the broken pages
next to a 'potion' i made
'Hearts delight'
to hold the one you love close to your heart
a red ribbon- 'the tie that binds'
Roses from the one you love- love and respect
baby's breath- everlasting love, purity and innocence
Pearls- purity, and harmony

I created this from a round bottle, and labeled it with rub on lettering
I also used a temporary tattoo to decorate it.

i also made the box
 by covering a dollar store box
with flocked wrapping paper
the dried flowers are from the flowers my hubby gave me for our anniversary
my ceramic dragon is waiting for some book to rest on.!
my potion will be glowing on Halloween!!
( glow stick fluid in the jar!!)

And there you are.
 my simple but fun display.
 much more to be done though. its still early!!!

After all is said and done
all of my halloween decors have cost me
Green tea candles-$1
Snakes (x3)-$3
2 small spiders-$1
large spider-$1
Brains (x2)-$2
Glitter skulls (x4)-$4
Jar skulls (x3)- $3
(2 candlsticks, 3 trays)
Creepy Cloth (x2)-$2
Skull Tray-$1
Oil Burner-$1
Crows (x2)-$2
Crafts Boxes (x2)-$2
Barb wire-0.50
Goodwill bottle-$1
-Not shown-and future projects-
Ceramic Pumpkin-$1
Fake Fingers-$1
Fake Heart-$1
White Tall candle-$1
Skull Necklaces (deconstructed)-$1

if i would have bought all of these items anywhere else besides the dollar store it would have cost me double, maybe triple of what i actually spent!!
(and im sory the pics dont actually do the display justice. much cooler in person)


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Jamie said...

YOU are SO creative!!!! I am floored by all of the creative things you shared. Wow! I love Halloween too.. it's my favorite holiday. Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!! I would LOVE to feature this on my blog sometime.. would you mind? Thanks again for sharing.. this is some of the best stuff I've ever seen :)

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