Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hauntingly Fun

I can honestly tell you that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.
It tops Christmas and my birthday.
Black Friday is close second.
I know its not officially a holiday but it should be.
All those sales and clearances and ..oh my
I'm getting
Anyways, as i was saying
I decorate every year,
but because of moving so many times
Ive had to start from scratch this year.
There are a few recent pics I'm missing
(camera died)
 but ill be sure to keep you updated
with new Halloween crafts and the display as i go.

Potion bottles
It all started with jagermeister bottles i had stashed.
I cleaned off the labels by soaking them in
soapy water. The labels came right off.
I laid those flat to dry and kept them for later use.
then using Dollar store scrapbook labels
(rubbed with black paint)
I put a label area on them
most of them currently don't have

One bottle was filled with 'Tears of the willow'
(as in a weeping willow?!)
I thought i was pretty clever with this
I found corks at goodwill, and used some nylon 'string' i had in my stash
The lettering is from rub on letters i had forgotten i had in my stash

Next was a bottle of Murliver Oil
It is filled with water with food coloring
 ( blue and green , to make it really dark)
I dipped the top in green wax from a dollar store green tea candle.
i also dripped wax down the side

Bottle O' Snake

Next was a jar of Severed Serpent of Gorgon
Separare Serpens ab Gorgos
removed from each of the Gorgon sisters
Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa

I started with a large Carlo Rossi bottle
and found some 'growing' snakes at the dollar store
I started out with just one to see how large it would grow
i just placed the snake in the bottle
and added water
and watched it grow!
It grew to be pretty large.
its head wont even fit thought the neck of the bottle!!
next i added two more
I removed the water and added both in
Then added water once again
here is  a Lil bit of its growth. i don't have any pics pf the final result
but i will post it when i can
its filling up nicely!
I still need to make a label,
and i might add coloring to the water..

i had this gravestone from last years after Halloween sale
its cool but something didn't quite  fit for me
so i spray painted a light layer of black
along with the lids of my bottles
allowed to dry
and the used sanding paper
(found at the dollar store)
and sanded some areas
looks better to me

another part of my display are bones...
I made chicken and dumplings one night for dinner.
I put the chicken legs into my crockpot for a day, until the meat literally fell off the bones
I picked out all of the bones
when i heard about bleaching bones..I took it literally
so i placed them in a bowl with diluted bleach
it got pretty disguisting
when i pulled them out i noticed the bleach was eating away at the bones
so i actually did research and found out i was all wrong.
so i instead placed them in hydrogen peroxide
and they turned out much better
I let the bones dry and place them in a 'cauldron'
My daughter got this cast iron pot for christmas and it worked perfectly
along with a lil dollar store spider of course!

Next was a bottle of 'eye of newt',
a classic spell ingredient.
It was created from 2 jars of liquid air freshener beads
I simply removed them from their jar and
 filled a rounded bottle with them
I still need to paint the lid and make a label
and maybe find a way to 'age' the bottle
I saved the air freshener containers and plan of filling them with other creepies
( a later post)

Creepy Hand
start with a dollar store hand
Lame and totally fake looking
i used a variety of green paints
and painted a layer of light green as my base
then went painted dark green over, rubbed out a few areas and painted over with a med light green.
also painted the nails black
i cant decide whether its a zombie hand or Frankenstein's hand
Ill either lay it out as is or maybe place it in a large jar...

so i suppose this might be a good place to leave off.
Next post will be more projects and maybe a showing of my display!
keep an eye out for more coming soon!!

And we leave you off with a total cost of $9
all items were from the dollar store or on hand!
Scrapbook Labels-$1
Green Tea Candles-$1
Snakes (x3)- $3
Ceramic Gravestone- $1
2 Small Spiders-$1
Air Freshener Beads (x2)- $2
Fake Hand- $1

Merry Crafting and Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Rhissanna said...

Oh! I've got some grow-in-water stuff swelling up for Halloween (the look swell! Uh.. sorry. Bad pun. I wish I'd seen some snakes! I got the body parts, though, for a brain-in-a-jar and a hand. But now I' looking for snakes. After Halloween, they'll all go into the Steampunk Sherlock Study I'm making for Hubby. Thanks for a great post. New follower.

Rhissanna said...

Oh! And I see those metal labels all the time in the Dollar Tree. I never thought about putting them on bottles! They look really good. I have a lot of bottles and a printer out of ink, so, buying a packet of those would be perfect. Thank you for the brilliant idea!

Unknown said...

Good Crafting,it looks a bit zombie creepy hand.

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