Monday, September 13, 2010


Ive been needing containers for my bathroom for a while..
I knew id found them when i saw these
Their holiday candy at Walmart
$3 a piece

I bought 2
Jujufruits and the candy corn taffy

i emptied the candies into baggies
(keep better that way anyways)
I removed the ribbon from the lid
and i removed the labels.
i had to soak the lids in soapy water to remove the label
I replaced the ribbon
and voila.. no work at all!!
I filled them with cotton balls and q-tips
the canisters can either stand straight up or at an angle
here they are in my bathroom

 Side note:
I got the awesome grasses and bamboo from the dollar store
and my favorite thing, the elephant
from goodwill for $2

the containers fit right into my decor,
 and i plan on decoupaging them when i find the right paper of fabric

But now i need to figure out how to display then.
both facing out..
up and wide
or up and together..
what a conundrum...LOL

Lil's how the shelf really looks in my bathroom
I keep speakers in there
I like to listen to music while getting ready or showering

Merry Crafting and
Happy Halloween!!

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