Thursday, September 9, 2010

Make your own Shaped Sugar Cubes

Dollar Store Crafts recently featured a tutorial

I figured I'd give it a try.
I had bought a silicone flower mold from the dollar store back in spring
and thought I'd use it for this 'experiment'

How to:
Mix one cup of sugar with 2 tsp water until a 'wet sand' consistency.
pack the mixture into the molds tightly and level of the top.
place cookie sheet, or cardboard or something flat on top of the mold
 and flip over, un-moulding the 'cubes
Let dry for 5 hours or bake in an oven @ 200F for 5-10 minutes

When making mine i added 6 drops of neon purple food coloring while mixing
They look more like asterisks than flowers
My Lil girl and i made these together
she asked for iced tea just so she could have

Id like to try this again with other shaped moulds!!

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Anonymous said...

Those turned out so great!

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