Sunday, June 20, 2010

A taste of india

My daughter is half Indian. Her birth father was from Calcutta. Ive always liked the vibrant colors and styles of India. the Saris and bangles are beautiful!! I'm attempting to express the vibrancy and uniqueness of the culture and of my daughter in her room. i really want my daughter to be in touch with her culture.
It was this book 'Mamas Saris" that inspired the idea.
Ive created a few different pillows for her bed. her newest pillow is made from handkerchiefs i found for a
dollar at walmart..and stuffed it with a regular pillow i bought for $3. Its cheaper than buying stuffing and i still
have some leftover!
It was the flowers that caught my attention.
 Ive added a few more 'lanterns to her room.
Her room  isn't looking to bad. needs a bit of art work on the walls and some other decorations...
Her Mamo found this frame and thought it would be perfect for her room. 
I found the candles at the dollar store and thought they matched perfectly. I plan on buying more for the emblem on the front. i can peel it off and use it else where.

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