Friday, June 25, 2010

Kitty kitty

Our Cat Elvira recently had kittens!
She only had 3 kittens to her litter but they're so cute!
She has 2 females and one male.
(ever heard of a doggy pile?...well this is a Kitty pile!)
Zach likes the calico female
I like the black one. she looks like a Lil panther ( its hard to get a good picture of her)
Savannah, my niece, named the little boy milkshake.
We've got a pretty cool cat. shes got a got demeanor ( shes alot like a dog and doesn't hold a grudge)
She adopted us a little over 4 months ago.
she just walked in the house one day and never left
 ( even when we were gone to Cali for 5 days!)
she likes to sleep in the tub though??!!

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