Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coming out of the closet

Children tend to get alot of clothes..especially when you have a new one on the way. my daughter already had alot of clothes but very little dresser space. now that we no longer have her crib (had a 3 drawer dresser attached) we no longer have drawers. i put her undies ans socks and shorts in cloth 'drawers' that fit in her book shelf. the rest of her clothes were hung up in her closet. She shares her closet with her baby brother and the tons of clothes we received while i was pregnant with him (sizes 6months-2T, 0-6m in my closet). Between all of their clothes and toys their closet was stuffed. Since children's clothes are short, there was alot of space being wasted. 
I bought a pipe from Lowe's($ 1.25) and cut it in half. i used some nylon string and threaded it through the pipe and tied it to the existing rack.
 i already had the organizer($5 clearance at walmart) and used it to divide the closet. voila! extra closet space.

Now my daughter can even reach her own clothes. she enjoys picking out her own outfits and also hanging up her laundry(now if only i could get her to wash and brush her hair without a

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