Monday, June 21, 2010

Petal Pillow

Ive had silk rose petal from the dollar store sitting in my stash, jut waiting to be used. I finnaly found their purpose. This was just kind of a test run but turned out pretty good.
I started out with the dollar store petals, a simple pink pillow case and my hot glue gun( i just got it, so im glueing everything!!!) 
 I measured out a 12'' x12'' square. ( sorry you cant really see my lines...)
I then just started gluing petals on in the shape of a flower. 
I added all the way to the edge of my line. 
I should have sewn the pillow then glued it, but like I said this project was purely experimental. I then stuffed and sewed the pillow.
The center was very plain.
 I added a  few "pearls" to the center. these were sewn on.
my daughter loves the pillow but this is purely decoration. i doubt this pillow is washable.
i had a few extra petals so i glued them to a poker chip added pearls to the center
I glued a magnet strip to the back 
 cool lil magnet for my fridge, or for a future magnet board.

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Heather - Dollar Store Crafts said...

Very pretty! Sometimes experimental crafting is the best kind!

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