Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bed Time!!

Ive been wanting to get the kido a new bed for a while now, but just havent had the funds and havent found anything i liked. Her old bed was a convertable crib that had been moved way too many times. Over the past 3 years that bed had been through 6 different moves. It stood up pretty well but we were ready for something new. Last week my mom told me a Dr. she works with is having a baby and needs a crib. I told her she could have mine when we got a new bed...well guess what! My mom got one.

Its definetly not something I would have picked out but I cannot complain.Dont you just love to hate the wagon wheels!! Since I am stuck living here in tennessee I am against anything country and this is definetly tipping the ick this gives me a project and ideas
How to turn this frog into a prince?
P.S.-Thank you mom!!

Starting out, I decided the "wheel" had to go!! Looks better already!!

Next was to pick a color to paint it. My daughters "theme" is the vibrant colors of India. Her room is mostly pink at the moment (including most of her bedding) so i definetly wanted something to contrast. I originally was thinking a purple but suri and her daddy picked out 'Teal Velveteen'
( we picked a few different colors but suri had the final say, its her room after all)

she was so excited to be painting her new bed and to be 'crafting' with mommy

What a difference a few coats of paint makes!!!

The bed isnt quite finished yet but I needed it put together. My niece is visiting for the summer and we needed a bed. Im planning on stenciling a few flowers and paisleys, and painting a clear sealant over it. Its also gooing to have a 'canopy' over it, so not all of the bedframe will show.
Im really hoping to be able to make this bed unique and beautiful ( just like my daughter)!

she loves her new bed. There is still alot to do though to get her bed and room where Id like it. I still need to work on curtains and shelving and her bedding ( more pillows and a comforter)...

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