Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rayn Styx

I'm a student of 'Early childhood education'. Last year while taking my creative curriculum class, my hubby made me a rain stick to present as a part of one of my projects. we made alot of recycled 'toys' and activities but this was the best one.
The rain stick was created with recycled materials.
2 empty Pringles cans
Beans ( I've used popcorn kernels, pinto beans, Lima beans and chick peas) Use whatever you have in the house!
duct tape
Poke nails through the cans
no particular pattern
just be sure there are not large spaces between nails.
(i even filled in the larger spaces in mine once it was put together)
Feed baby
After i finished one side i placed about 1/2 cup of mixed beans in one side used a lid and tested the sound.
Make sure there isn't a sleeping baby in the room. trust me it will startle them! lmao!
when it sounded right, i then used my hot glue gun to glue it together. (open ends together)

i then finished putting nails in both sides.
use as many nails as needed to get the sound right. i used a whole container. ( you can also use varied sizes of nails).
after the nails are in, beans are inside the cans, and the cans are put together cover the whole thing with duct tape. i bought a roll from the dollar store and used the whole thing. it covered it twice for me.
decorate as desired. you can paint it, decoupage it, or, as i did with my first one, cover it with string! next...have fun.

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Irene said...

so it ` s noise would be softer u use lenttils or rice or something less heavier or smalles
have a nice day and embrace the power and the gift and the need of the moms taking care of their kids in the world
kids needs moms, not tv or the web or the street!

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