Saturday, April 17, 2010

finds, family, and more...

Theres been so much goin on i guess its just best to do it a lil bit at a time.

my husband and i are sticklers for animals, and we always seem to attract them. we've recently had a few kitty visitors to our porch so i decided to leave a bit of milk out for them.
this is one of our 'visitors'.. i say shes so ugly shes cute. my hubby just thinks shes cute. lol.
she eventually adopted us.. we left our door open to circualte air, trying not to run the a.c and she eventually came in, and never left. my husband has deemed her Elvira. shes a very loving kitty and she doesnt even mind the kiddo (our 3 yr old isnt exactly gentle with animals). so we now have a mew member to the family...

Wally world and dollar store...
i have to admit..i love walmart and the dollar store.. and the best part is how much you can save at those places.. (plus since my hubby currently works at walmart we get a 10% dicount) and i get alot of kids clothes on clearance..)
I am so excited about the new dragon movie and i found these pillow and blanket sets for $5 a piece and i couldnt help myself. now my son and hubby have matching blankets ( but our son is gunna get both pillows)..sorry

i found these lil pillows during a recent trip to the dollar store... thinking about adding applique or maybe a cool button to the center.

GoodWill Finds!!!
i found this vase for $4.. not much i can say except..awesome!!!
We collect the Stephen King books in harback and i was so excited to find these in such good condition and fo so cheap. i paid half price for the green ticket ones too.. Samurai( random book)-$1.50, Cell-$2.99, and the dark tower series ' wolves of the calla' for $2 ( this was the most exciting buy.. we want the wole 'dark tower' set in hardback...were both huge fans)
all in say it was a very productive trip to goodwill...

Time for a shave...
Its been really hot here and my hubby has been suffering from allergies like crazy so he decided he wanted his hair cut off. his haor was gettin pretty long and i know how hot it gets..and i hope it does help prevent the pollen and crap geting on his hair and skin.

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