Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yesterday i went on a crafting binge. i was gone most of the day with my mom, but the few hours i had at home i definetly made the most of!!
I have tons of plain and ugly onesies that i am working on refashioning and appiqueing. here are some of the ones i did last night...

Peace, love and rock and roll... this is on the rear of the onesie. im planning on printing the words on the front.

this is a cool lil punk onesie..planning on adding other details to it

Beware...toxic!! this gas mask is the front of the onesie. planning on adding the 'biohazard' symbol to the rear!!

while at the flea market this weekend i happened to see a stuffed animal that someone had made, similar to this. I thought id give it a try to make one myself. it turned out great. i used leftover fabric from my stash, stuffing from and old pillow, and made him from scratch. there are a few touches still needed. im going to add buttons on the front... and his arm needs to be sewn back post a tutorial soon, as i plan on making more of these....

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