Saturday, April 17, 2010

India inspired...

i am currently in the process of trying to make my daughters room a bit India inspired. Ive been working on it a lil bit at a time, and i like where its going..
This is how it is currently looking.. still a work in progress...

The pillows are my favorite touch so far.

I sewed these two using the stuffing from her old pillows. she sleeps with them every night now..

I found these two at the dollar store. I plan on adding something, a jewel or button in the center.

I found the lanterns at the dollar store and glued cherry blossoms to one. my daughter loves these as night lights. it has a very prettty glow.

the curtains are currently the bane of my existance. I found them at marshals for 3.99. i cant quite figure out how i want to add my touch to them..

i started painting paisleys on them...wasnt a big fan.
i might add flowers to them or maybe a ribbon lining...

My favorite part is how i hung them. I bought a bamboo rod from walmart for $1.25 and set of hooks for 97 cents..voila, a cheap but unique curtain rod..

im still planning on making more pillows and getting a few more sheer curtains ( maybe purple or orange). Im also hoping to get her a new bed soon( a big girl bed) and then i am planning on making a 'canopy' over the bed.. im excited at the possibilities of what i can to in her room.. ( still limited though because we live in an apt and cant paint the walls or aything extreme..

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Heather - Dollar Store Crafts said...

It looks good! You've been working hard!

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