Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome home!

We welcomed our newest addition to the family.

William Craig Wiedenhoeft AKA Liam
Born April 22, 2010
time: 12:02 pm
7lbs 15oz
20 in
it was suprisingly quick. i was induced at 6:30 am and had him by 12 pm. i had an epidural at 9 am and it worked wonders to control the pain. i could still feel my legs and had control of them, therefore i could feel when i needed to push. when it did come down to pushing i only had to push for 12 min. it was a very good birthing experience! i was even laughing when i was supposed to be pushing!
this is my husbands first born ( and it was a son). he was so proud, he even teared up. its amazing to see him with his son. its breathtaking. he was by my side throught this whole experience. he even encouraged me while pushing, watched his son be born, and even cut the cord. hes an amazing man!!

We've got a beautiful lil boy with a head full of blonde hair, and he looks just like his daddy!
Our lil girl, suriana, adores her lil brother. she hardly ever leaves any room hes in. shes always wanting to hold him, and is constantly watching everything we do with him, right by his side, kissing and rubbing his head. she really does love him and is very proud to be a big sister. pretty mature for a 3 yr old!! were so proud of her!!

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