Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crochet me up Baby!

I am currently 6 months pregnant and have been crafting up a storm. so far i have made multiple blankets, and also have just taught myself how to crochet in the round and i made beanies! some of my completed projects include:

Liams Baby blanket!
Made from 'Caron simply soft' in black and blue mint

Liams baby beanie, and my first ever crochet beanie
Made from 'Caron simply soft' in grey heather and trimmed with black.

sized around 18 months

Another baby beanie made from 'Caron simply soft' in blue mint and black
Sized for around 18 monthsModeled by Mr. Gilla, My daughters 'eric carle gorilla' from
Im also working on making my husband a beanie and a blanket as well...
I also have a blanket and a scarf that i completed for myself , a scarf i made for my husband, and a beanie and scarves ive made for my daughter, but no pictures yet. ill post more pictures of completed work soon...

Scarfs and a beanie for my 3 yr old in her favorite colors

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