Saturday, January 23, 2010

Take me on Safari

My husband and I both enjoy the different cultures of the world. our dream is to one day have a home that has the feel of touring the world. my daughter is indian and will have an india inspired room, I love anything asian, so our bedroom will be asian inspired, and so on and so forth.
no matter where i go i like to keep and eye out for even the littlest pieces that can add to the overall look. Im kind of a frugal person so my favorite stores to look are the dollar store, walmart, biglots, and even consignment shops/ goodwill. you dont have to spend alot of money to make a big bang to a rooms look. currently we have been working on making our bathroom safari/african inspired. my husband already had a few pieces, which we used as inspiration. weve been adding to it piece by piece and are getting close to the look we want.
The Mask and candle holder and picture were our original inspiration (from ross). The candle, bamboo and fan leaf were all from the dollar store!!
The holders were from the dollar store and were originally a light wood color. i painted them a dark brown with 57 cent paint from walmart, and voila! a perfect blend to our bathroom. great for honding toothbruses and soap.

The 'rug' is made from dollar store bamboo placemats sewn together. the bottom is covered with no slip cabinet liner to keep it from.. well... slipping.
The most recent purchases for the bathroom have been the shower curtain ( $8 from biglots) and the towels ($3 a piece from walmart).Im hoping to add accents to the bottom of the towels and also to the shower curtain. their a bit too plain for my tastes. lol. Maybe something similar to the pic below.....
Im also hoping to Frame the mirror with a mosiac frame, and when we move im looking to place a mirror in the frame to hang anywhere in the bathroom in our next home...but thats a future project.... ill update when i start that one.
Ive recently added new 'artwork' to our bathroom...
I Found these awesome frames at the dollar store and this cool scrapbook paper. im looking to add a pic of a zebra and maybe a elephant to the upper and lower pics.
*the canvas art was a piece i found at ross for 97 cents!!
I loved the frames so much i had to get more!! while shopping at the dollar store i found the frames and a bamboo weave placemat, and even the 'tropical' leaves! i cut the placemat to size and frame it all together! turned out awesome. havent decided what to put in the center frame...

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Samantha F. said...

Thanks for the wonderful idea Crafty Mommy. I used the framed bamboo and leaves idea with my own twists and LOVE the results. Check it out.

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