Sunday, May 2, 2010


My son is so beautiful..and hes the perfect subject.
I Love all those lil parts.


Our Family has welcomed a new addition, and he fits right in. We are all so proud and happy to have him in our lives. i am so lucky to have my family. i have a loving and supportive husband, a beautiful and intelligent daughter, and a new and beautiful son. i couldnt ask for anything more..

My daughter loves and adores her new brother. she doesnt l;eave his side. shes a very big help and a wonderful big sister.

My husband is so enamored by our bundle of joy. our son has him wrapped around his finger already. hes such a good and loving daddy. my children and i are lucky to have such a wonderful and loving man in our lives.


Since the birth of my son ive really been into 'photography'. im not a pro or anything, and im just using a cheap and old hp camera,but i love taking the photos... And hes such a beautiful subject to work with!!!

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