Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome home!

We welcomed our newest addition to the family.

William Craig Wiedenhoeft AKA Liam
Born April 22, 2010
time: 12:02 pm
7lbs 15oz
20 in
it was suprisingly quick. i was induced at 6:30 am and had him by 12 pm. i had an epidural at 9 am and it worked wonders to control the pain. i could still feel my legs and had control of them, therefore i could feel when i needed to push. when it did come down to pushing i only had to push for 12 min. it was a very good birthing experience! i was even laughing when i was supposed to be pushing!
this is my husbands first born ( and it was a son). he was so proud, he even teared up. its amazing to see him with his son. its breathtaking. he was by my side throught this whole experience. he even encouraged me while pushing, watched his son be born, and even cut the cord. hes an amazing man!!

We've got a beautiful lil boy with a head full of blonde hair, and he looks just like his daddy!
Our lil girl, suriana, adores her lil brother. she hardly ever leaves any room hes in. shes always wanting to hold him, and is constantly watching everything we do with him, right by his side, kissing and rubbing his head. she really does love him and is very proud to be a big sister. pretty mature for a 3 yr old!! were so proud of her!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

India inspired...

i am currently in the process of trying to make my daughters room a bit India inspired. Ive been working on it a lil bit at a time, and i like where its going..
This is how it is currently looking.. still a work in progress...

The pillows are my favorite touch so far.

I sewed these two using the stuffing from her old pillows. she sleeps with them every night now..

I found these two at the dollar store. I plan on adding something, a jewel or button in the center.

I found the lanterns at the dollar store and glued cherry blossoms to one. my daughter loves these as night lights. it has a very prettty glow.

the curtains are currently the bane of my existance. I found them at marshals for 3.99. i cant quite figure out how i want to add my touch to them..

i started painting paisleys on them...wasnt a big fan.
i might add flowers to them or maybe a ribbon lining...

My favorite part is how i hung them. I bought a bamboo rod from walmart for $1.25 and set of hooks for 97 cents..voila, a cheap but unique curtain rod..

im still planning on making more pillows and getting a few more sheer curtains ( maybe purple or orange). Im also hoping to get her a new bed soon( a big girl bed) and then i am planning on making a 'canopy' over the bed.. im excited at the possibilities of what i can to in her room.. ( still limited though because we live in an apt and cant paint the walls or aything extreme..


i found a tutorial on how to create a toddler dress from a mans button down dress shirt and thought id give it a try.
i found the shirt at goodwill for $2. i plan on going to yardsales this summer and finding more shirts for cheaper.
i love the way it turned out..

when she put it on she couldnt help but twirl..

i showed my mom and she suggested turning it around. turns out its reversible!! and looks good both ways. still needs a bit if work. i want to add a few girly colorful touches and maybe even replace the buttons.. but for one of my first clothing sewing projects id say it was a success...

finds, family, and more...

Theres been so much goin on i guess its just best to do it a lil bit at a time.

my husband and i are sticklers for animals, and we always seem to attract them. we've recently had a few kitty visitors to our porch so i decided to leave a bit of milk out for them.
this is one of our 'visitors'.. i say shes so ugly shes cute. my hubby just thinks shes cute. lol.
she eventually adopted us.. we left our door open to circualte air, trying not to run the a.c and she eventually came in, and never left. my husband has deemed her Elvira. shes a very loving kitty and she doesnt even mind the kiddo (our 3 yr old isnt exactly gentle with animals). so we now have a mew member to the family...

Wally world and dollar store...
i have to admit..i love walmart and the dollar store.. and the best part is how much you can save at those places.. (plus since my hubby currently works at walmart we get a 10% dicount) and i get alot of kids clothes on clearance..)
I am so excited about the new dragon movie and i found these pillow and blanket sets for $5 a piece and i couldnt help myself. now my son and hubby have matching blankets ( but our son is gunna get both pillows)..sorry

i found these lil pillows during a recent trip to the dollar store... thinking about adding applique or maybe a cool button to the center.

GoodWill Finds!!!
i found this vase for $4.. not much i can say except..awesome!!!
We collect the Stephen King books in harback and i was so excited to find these in such good condition and fo so cheap. i paid half price for the green ticket ones too.. Samurai( random book)-$1.50, Cell-$2.99, and the dark tower series ' wolves of the calla' for $2 ( this was the most exciting buy.. we want the wole 'dark tower' set in hardback...were both huge fans)
all in say it was a very productive trip to goodwill...

Time for a shave...
Its been really hot here and my hubby has been suffering from allergies like crazy so he decided he wanted his hair cut off. his haor was gettin pretty long and i know how hot it gets..and i hope it does help prevent the pollen and crap geting on his hair and skin.

Still waiting..

well i was hoping id have my baby by now.. lol.
He must be really comfortable.. kuz im not!!!
Ive got about a week left and have been hoping and trying to help labor along... no such luck obviously.. other than that ive been biding my time by trying to keep my house clean, playing with my 3 yr old, and crafting.. most of my crafting is done when shes sleeping or at school, but she joins in once in a while...
like painting me a beautiful canvas!
most of the time shes my model...
but shes not always happy about

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crib bumpers

ive started working on the crib bumpers... my funds have been at a minimum this month so ive been having to get them a lil bit at a time...

i thought about using dollar store pool noodles, but for my crib the pipe insulation worked better because of the different sizes available and they are pre- slit..
the pipe insulation comes in varieties. there are self sealing types, there are rubber and foam and then variety of inner circle sizes....

for my crib bumpers ive purchased foam 1/2'' inner diameter for the side slats.

the measurement of my side slats were 24''. each piece of foam tubing made 3 bumpers.

there is a slight gap, but it works out beacuse it leaves space for the matress to fiut perfectly, and the gap will be covered anyways...
it doesnt fill in the gaps between the slats a whole lot but its just enough to keep knees from getting stuck between them.

The end slats are larger than the sides so i used the 3/4'' inner diameter foam pieces. the height of each slat is different so i placed each piece on and cut to shape as best as i could.

so far my total cost for foam bumpers is:
32 side slats- 24'' long
12 foam tubes- 97 cents (Lowes) =around $12

16 end slats- 26'' at longest
6 foam tubes- $1.08 (Lowes)= around $6.50-$7

Total: around $19 so far...

Retail for wonder bumpers: $99+

so far i am WAAAY under the retail price for my homemade version.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

more crafting...

Hooded Towel:
i had these towels in my stash waiting to be made into a hooded towel. one regular towel and a hand towel. each were 1.25 at walmart.

fold the hand towel in half and seam one side.

cut the hood to 9'' so it wouldnt be too big for the kiddos head..

i had this cheetah fabric from suris old cheetah pillow that i re- upholstered.

I trimmed the hood with some of the fabric...

i created a 'template' for the ear from craft foam sheets. i then traced the shape onto the fabric

i cut out the triangles and seamed them togethera turned right side out, leaving the bottom open

i placed the foam into the ear for stability. i them seamed around the ear.

i then placed the ears where i wanted them..

i then sewed the ears to the hood

next sew the the hood to the actual towel..
lastly i added trim to the upper edges of the towel and added an applique 's'.
She loved her new towel and used it that night!!
I used half a yard of some awesome fabric and made suri a pillow. i used the stuffing from her old cheetah print pillow.
she loved it and helped pick out the fabric. she couldnt wait til i got it done. she sleeps with it everynight now...
I made another crib sheet...
I finished the 'Toxic' onesie!
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